Pond for my Ducks


Sep 29, 2020
Merry Christmas. Sorry that I have not posted in a few months. My ducks are doing great. I am finding a home for two Khaki Campbell drakes in the Riverside Ca area. My real point here is my ducks have a kitty pool and a sand box/boat thing for ponds. It is a gaint mess to clean up. And it is muddy all over that place. I was wondering what your pond set ups are? If you have any tricks for duck ponds. Thank you. All help is great. Happy Hoildays to all of you!
I just use a kiddie pool for mine and they love it and its very easy to clean out, having a hard time picturing what you mean by sandbox thing.
Ducks are simply messy, there really isn't a way around it unfortunately. I have seen some people build a dock around their stock tanks for the ducks but the problem will still be there. If there is water there will be mud. The best set ups I've seen, well the cleanest, are chicken tractors with a kiddie pool. Every few days move the tractor and that will keep it from getting to wet.

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