Ponedoras and what they look like.

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  1. I was asked what my ponedoras looked like. Here are 2 of them, from the light orange/brown to the almost red. The red didn't come out as red as she is.[​IMG]

  2. danischi24

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    Aug 17, 2008
    They look like Sexlinks to me. Couldn't find your breed online so I assume it doesn't exist & you were misinformed/duped.
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    Quote:Let's be nice!

    All of our breeds were new at one time and it takes time for new breeds to be recognized.
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    Your gals look like my 2 sexlinks! I wonder what the differences are?
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    Aug 17, 2008
    Quote:Let's be nice!

    All of our breeds were new at one time and it takes time for new breeds to be recognized.

    I don't think that this is a new breed or I wouldn't say a word. I think that someone told the seller that the sexlink hens that she bought are some Costa Rican breed & that she should do some research on her "ponedoras" & then on the golden comet sexlink & see what she has. I could be wrong but somehow, I just think the likelihood of a chicken that isn't even listed on feathersite being a golden sexlink that was mis-sold is great.

  6. OK, let us get things straight, first, I be a he not a she, second if you research under Costa Rica you will find that the normal laying hens here are referred to as ponedoras, 3 of the places that I do business with personally refer to the same egg laying chickens as ponedoras. No one was trying to pull a fast one on me, they want me to come back and buy feed and other supplies. Meat chickens are referred to as pollos para engorde, no breed mentioned for them either but they are all white. There are other breeds here and they are referred to as whatever they are called elsewhere I.E. Silkies, Plymouth rocks, Leghorns etc but they are speciallity chickens here and are very expensive as much as $50.00USD per pair. I'm guessing that the ponedoras came from being bred from maybe one breed (or more) many years ago but has been select bred until it is what it is today and just referred to as ponedoras. I do not speak enough Spanish yet to ask the questions that I need to get the full answer of what these ponedoras were many years ago. As my name suggest, I do live in Costa Rica and have for 2 years now and I am retired. Just raising chickens for the good range fed eggs, nothing more. [​IMG]
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    Good for you Costa Rica Art! Whatever they are, they are nice looking birds! I saw where you are located and was going to post that I'm sure in different countries, some breeds are refered to as that country's name for them... which came first the Ponedoras or the Golden Comet Sexlink?!? [​IMG]
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    I ran a search on the internet using the key work "ponedora" and came up with a number of spanish sites for "gallinas ponedoras". I then checked a translation site and "gallina" refers to chickens. "Ponedora" refers to egg laying fowl. So, apparently in spanish speaking countries, "ponedoras" are chickens that lay eggs. It's not a breed and I doubt that anyone is selling them as a particular breed. They are simply designating them as chickens for people who want fresh eggs.
    I do agree, they look like RSL's (and maybe they are), but I think they are being sold for their purpose, not their breed.
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    lol, being a smart a$$ backfired on ya there didn't it D

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    MimiChick is absolutly rigth."ponedoras"mean layer hen in Spanish, so your "ponedoras"are Isa Brown, or Golden Star it depends of wich brand develop the bird. Its an hibrid for production of eggs. There are others (Blackstars, and others). And they are everywhere....

    Elisa, a relative in S.America:/
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