Poo in the Nesting Boxes


9 Years
Oct 9, 2010
Our hens are now appearing to be roosting and pooing in their nesting boxes.....Any suggestions on how to solve this problem???
When the juvenile chickens are just learning to roost, they will often perch on the edge of the nest boxes. You have to cover the nest boxes at night for a couple of weeks until they learn to roost on the poles you've set up for them. My nest boxes have a slanted front that is hinged so I can fold it up to close off the boxes. I often have juveniles that are reluctant to join the adults on the roosting ladder, so I will close the nest boxes til they learn.

I just stapled Card board over the nesting boxs at night so they could not climb in them! In morning take the cardboard off

Good luck!
Cover them with any kind of wood at night, take it off in the morning. Maybe you should use golfballs if you want them to lay there. And do you have outside access to the boxes? It just makes cleaning easier FYI
I had two that wanted to sleep in the nest box. I found these were two of the 'lower' on the pecking order..So they were being harrassed until they moved..I would move them to the roost after dark two weeks and they were sleeping on the roost.. Seems like the big girls just didn't think they should be there...close to them..in their space...

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