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    Mar 3, 2016
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    Hi everyone,
    I have two week old buff polish and they seem to be doing great except one is having a weird problem with her poop. I do not think it is pasty butt just an issue with it not falling off. When she goes it comes out stick straight and does not fall off if that makes any sense. I tried to take a few pics but she would not stay still for me. Any suggestions.


    Karen in MA

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    Just looking at the pictures, do your chicks have enough room to get out from under the lamp if they want to?
    Being too warm or too cold can contribute to these issues in chicks. They need enough room to move into and out of the heat as needed.
    Gently clean the dropping off, so that it does not get stuck and cause blockage (pasty butt), a damp Q tip used gently works well, and assess your set up to make sure it's adequate for their needs. Just keep an eye on it, to make sure there is no building up or drying on the chicks vent of droppings.
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