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    Mar 21, 2008
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    My fifteen week old light sussex roo has been passing dark green poos with lots of (?) water. I thought it might be worms (they free range around the garden lots). I have just given all the birds a double dose of verm-x (on the advice of the verm-x people), but is there anything else I should look out for? Other than the poo, he's fit and healthy, bright eyes, very alert and eating plenty. My other birds are all healthy and as far as I can tell, pooing normally. The two that are old enough to lay are laying loads of good eggs.

    The roo has a continuous supply of growers pellets, some cut maise to get them back into the run in the late pm, and occaisional treats such as pasta or potatoe (both cooked), boiled egg and yogurt. I've just started putting garlic or ACV in their water, could this have agrevated a "stomach" issue? He had coccidiosis 8/9 weeks ago, which he seems to have recovered from.

    We don't have any poultry vets in the area, so no help there.

    Thanks for any help!!
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    cocci can cause some serious intestinal damage... seeing as vermX is herbal it might be a bit on the strong side so soon after the cocci... I would stop that and stop the pasta and potatoe (neither of which is beneficial)
    Find a good poultry supplement like AviaCharge 2000 as malabsorption of nutrients can result from the cocci... if worms are truly an issue then consider giving ivomec Eprinex (spot on method).

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