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Aug 15, 2011
South Carolina
I have a great chicken coop, but now that I have my chickens I am tweaking what I thought was a good roosting area. I am spending so much of my time cleaning out poop!!! I keep reading in the forum about "poop boards" under the roosting area. What is this? Does anyone have any pictures? Do you still add shavings on top of these boards? I am throwing out sooo much shavings each week so I know I am doing something wrong. The chickens are healthy, happy and love their coop....but I am exhausted! Thanks for any suggestions!

Yes if you look in the coop section you might glimpse some poop boards...or use the search bar. Some put linoleum down on a board under the roost...or plain wood. You can sprinkle sweetpdz down on it or shavings to help, or not.

With linoleum it should be super easy to clean up. I use the whole shed floor as a poop board (but this will ruin your floor eventually) and sprinkle sweetpdz down. Scrape every day. When frozen it can be not as easy. I usually have to wait until thaw to get it all.

Get a rake/scraper and scrape it every day. Then you put it in a designated pail or compost bin...or toss in the forest like me, lol.

this isn't my page, but the second pic down shows a poop board

post #13 is very pretty
We just added a poop board today because of the same problem. If it doesn't work, then we are going to add a larger piece of board on the bottom of the coop. We have a raised coop and the floor is wire with small openings. We thought it would be easy to clean the poop out but we learned we were wrong
All trial and error but we are learning.
We put a poop board in our new coop and love it! It is 24 inches wide with the roost centered over it. It is covered in sheet vinyl flooring and i throw shavings on it. Once a week i take a hoe and scrape it all off into a rubbermaid tub and add new shavings. The rest of the shavings on the floor stay squeaky clean:)
What I did was take an old cereal box that is empty, cut off one of the larger sides, put a little pine shavings into it, and stick it under their roost. It is about as simple and cheap as it gets. You can now not only feed yourself and your family, but also have a place for your chickens to poop!!!!!
We had a poop board up until this past weekend, but after many ideas I took it down and installed a sand board, just like a cat litter box so the poop is scooped in the sand much easier than scraping the board. I noticed in the cold weather the poop would freeze on the board but with the sand box style no problem scooping the poop.
I didn't like the idea of scraping poop, either, so I put my thinking cap on and came up with the poop slide. It works great in my florida coop. It's made of 20" x 10 ft aluminum flashing, and is mounted to two rails, and inserted under the roost, angling down into a bucket at the exit end. You pull the rails together a little so there's a dip in the middle. It's also covered with chicken wire, so no chickens slide into the poop bucket! I simply hose it off each morning, takes about 15 seconds, less than a flush of the toilet in water, and it's in a bucket. I throw the poop water under my fruit trees. Easy - you might ask for photos, but I'm ancient and cannot figure out how to get them to appear in the thread!

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