Poop build-up on Quail Toes


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
It sounds strange but its a problem.
I haven't had a real issue with this until recently. I discovered rather large balls of poop built up on the tips of some of my quails toes, one of which had reached the size of a small marble. Their litter consists of dry, deep litter saw dust; I dont understand why this is happening!
Has anyone else encountered this issue?
Why does it happen?
What can I do to prevent it?
Two reasons if they are coturnix. One is that they walk in the water quite often with no regard for it. The other is that coturnix are the only quail who have really wet poops. Both of those things or sometimes just one is enough to cause that problem. Soak each one in a warm bowl (the bird will fall asleep and go limp most times and you might think you killed it, you didn't) of water and try to crush them between your fingers. Sometimes they will seem to be as hard as concrete but you have to keep working on them off an on. Otherwise you risk infection and/or gangrene.
Thank you. Yes they are coturnix, I have been raising them for a year now and I like them a lot. This is the first time I have seen the problem. They do seem rather oblivious as to where they are walking, I have small diameter water basins but they still stick their toes in them... I will try soaking off some of the poop.

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