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Dec 21, 2020
Hi everyone! I came across a thread that had a link with pictures of poop and what illness that could cause it below it. I can not find it again to save my life. I was hoping someone could help me find that guide/thread or maybe help me out with why my chicken might have such bright green poop. We have little to no grass right now so I do t think that’s it. She is almost a year old and seems okay otherwise but have her isolated just in case.


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Google The Chicken Chick, I think that's where that guide is. Check her crop at night to be sure it is full and pay attention to how it feels, then check it again in the morning before she has access to either food or water. It should be full at night. It should not feel like it is full of sand. It should feel flat and empty in the morning. Let us know what your results are and we'll go from there.
seems okay otherwise but have her isolated just in case.
She has access to layer feed at all times, scratch, on occasion mealworms. She free ranges as well.
She free ranges, so what does she eat? Likely something in the diet is the cause of the green poop.
She's o.k.? Active/Eating/Drinking - no symptoms that are concerning you? I wouldn't separate out a bird unless they were very sick and getting picked at.

I would watch to see if the poop is consistent or just here and there. IF consistent and there's not a lot of greenery in her diet, then consider getting a fecal float to see if the vet finds parasites.

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