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    Hammock, no - poop board, yes....and will never be without one in the coop again. To me the hammock seems like it would be more work than a scoop-clean poop board setup.
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    How do you clean a poop board and about how often
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    We have a small flock of eight hens and use a mixture of sand / PDZ on the coop floor. It takes me two minutes every couple of days to scoop out the poop. The PDZ is a desiccant and makes removing the poop with a kitty litter scoop a breeze.

    If you have a larger flock or a coop that's too big for the sand / PDZ routine, poop boards are you best bet. Some folks use just plain boards; others cover the boards in linoleum or heavy contact paper. The theory is to have the boards under the roosts so that the chickens' normal cycle of processing food and expelling the excess all night is easily caught on the boards.

    I'd recommend doing a search for poop boards on this forum. You'll find plenty of good ideas and pictures.
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    My bride came up with a brilliant idea for a poop hammock! We started using an old shower curtain but that was a hassle to attach, take down, re-attach.

    We found an old banner from a car dealership promotion that was from 2011. It happened to be exact size to use, has grommets in 6 places, sturdy material.

    I used 1/4 in. eye screws, and dual end snaps to attach under the roosts.

    For those of you looking for an solution and dont want to use fabric, shade cloth, etc. that will have to be sewn....maybe check with local car dealers and ask of they have old banners that you can have. I work at a dealer and we have lots of them that just end up in the trash...

    I will let you know how it works!

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    I thought about using old feed bags for this purpose but never implemented it. They are free and when they are getting ragged you can just use new ones that you will be getting every few weeks.
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    Great idea! The paper ones can go right into the compost heap...automatic browns in w/ the "green" chicken poo....

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