poop in nest boxes

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  1. birdginia

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    Oct 28, 2012
    this has been such a fun resource to use, have had my girls for about a month and been making a few adjustments.

    Just added a thicker roost per someone's suggestions here - seems like when I was researching specs on building my coop, I never came across a recommendation for width of the roost, so I just guessed broomstick size - wrong!

    I also pounded a few thin nails along top edge of drawer which serves as nest box.

    I am going to work on training my girls to use the roosts. Sure hope this works as I have chicken sitters coming next week and I am guessing they will find poo in nest and on eggs rather unpleasant!
  2. My hens always sleep on the dividers of the nesting boxes and its really annoying to have poo on ur egg and I tried to train them to sleep on there roost but it'd not happing I think it's because the nesting boxes are up higher
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    Nov 10, 2012
    Simi valley

    That's funny, my hens also sleep on the divider of the nest boxes but I also have 2 roosts for them to sleep... They had so much room in their coop when they were little chicks now it's a different story :) But I love morning fresh eggs brown and white!

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