Poop on some eggs. Proper way to clense???


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Hello all. I have read several places that you should wait until you are ready to cook with your eggs before washing them as you could be washing off a procetive coating. I am not going to store poop stained eggs in my frig or give them away to neighbors like this either. For a while I was giving them a quick scrub with a dash of dish soap and a soft brush. Now I have switched to just running them under cold water and scrubbing them with my hands. I got to wondering if the soap could be entering the eggs through tiny pours, but come to mention it I have never tasted or had anyone else tell me my eggs tasted like dish sopa. How do you all wash your eggs? Before storage or right before use? And what do you use to clense and or sanatize?????
First of all, NEVER use cold water to wash them. The water MUST be warmer than the eggs are, or the cold water will actually pull germs into the egg. If the water is hot/very warm, it will rinse off. What I do when I have dirty eggs is run hot tap water into a plastic container in my sink. Then I put the eggs in & let them soak for just a few seconds, maybe 10-15, then I run them under hot water & wipe off any dirt/contaminants. I don't use any chemicals to wash my eggs.

I keep my nest boxes SUPER clean, and I seldom have dirty eggs to wash. I have found over the years that the best way to make sure eggs stay nice & clean is to locate the nest boxes on the opposite wall from the pophole door. Of course, I figured htis out after building 4 coops. Sigh. The last one we built, the nest boxes are 8' away from the pophole door. So, when they enter the coop to lay their egg, they have to walk across lots of shavings before hopping up into a nest box; this way, if their feet were dirty/muddy, they've "wiped them off" by the time they hit the nest box. Of course, it doens't ALWAYS work, but I WILL say the eggs from that coop are always much cleaner than from others!

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