1. So my chick has been having poop that is a brown muddy color and about the consistency of water. I wasn't really worried until my mom asked if that was normal. she's will be a week old on wednesday (the chicken not my mom) and the weird poop has been happening since I think about day one, if not, then shortly after. Is this normal?
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    Feb 24, 2010
    Hmmm... do you have a picture you can post of it?
  3. No, sorry!
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    It sounds like you may be talking about "cecal" poo, I think it is called. I wouldn't describe it as watery, but it could be I guess, if the chick drinks lots of water. If it is cecal poo, it won't be every poop, something like 1 in 9, I think. That is normal. Do a search for cecal poo, and see if it is just that. Also, there is a listing of types of poo with their causes, and pictures; maybe someone can direct you to it. Hope that helps.
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    You need to start a sulfa drug regimen right away...Sulmet or Amprolium. When my 1 week olds had a runny, brown diarrhea situation, the hatchery said to do this and it cleared up in two days and all are fine. I still continue the regimen per bottle instructions for 5 days. And mine were on medicated food. They developed pasty butt. Watery runs after that... they need a sulfa drug they said.

    Too high temperatures or not enough food will also cause brown diarrhea. Those were not my conditions.
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