Poop proof feeders and water dispensers??????


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Mar 19, 2008
Melbourne Florida
Well... I remember reading somone used rabbit water bottles.


Also cheap places to get them would be AWESOME!!!
With chickens, I don't think anything is poop proof...

A hanging feeder and waterer would be your best bet. Waterbottles do work if you can get the hens to use the nipples, but you'll need a good number of large ones if you want to go that route.
Well, I think my auto waterer is pretty close to poop-proof but I have no real world experience with it as my chicks are too small to use it. Mareloo might be able to tell ya. See my page for pictures, instructions, etc.

As for a poop-proof feeder, hanging it is probably as good as you're going to get.
This is how my dh made our feeder rain and poo proof.
Its just a metal trash can lid we brought at the feed store.
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My outdoor feeder is up on a cinder block with a lid over it. I've never once seen poo in it. But, my run is pretty good sized, and I think that's probably the reason. I put the feeder off toward the edge, not in the area they hang out most of the time.

In my coop, both the feeder and waterer hang, and I've never had any poo in them, either. I think the idea is to get them iff the ground - whether on top of something to elevate them or hanging.

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