Pooped an egg shell?!


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
Durant, Oklahoma
I have 3 production Red hens that are around 1.3 years old. The one is question is called Uno and is lighter in coloring then the other two. She often lays "bullet" shaped eggs (elongated shape). But since I'm not hatching any it didn't matter. The eggs always crack easily too, strong enough to survive being laid and others laying in the box, but definitely thinner shelled then the rest.

Yesterday while I was tending to the flock, Uno walks close to me and poops. However it was an egg shell that came out. I'm sure because it stuck to her and I had to catch her and remove it (the other hens noticed and were trying to get it).

I'm not sure if she has laid an egg today or not since I have several brown egg layers.

I feed them all Purina Flock raiser (i also have ducks) and free choice crushed oyster shell. They also get to range feed a couple of times a week. I don't use any pesticides in the yard or garden.

There has been no stressing incidents with the exception of my drake getting in and chasing everyone for a couple of hours till I caught him.

She seems to be acting normal and looks healthy.

Do I need to be concerned about her?
Is there anything I should watch for?

Oh and I fixed it so the ducks are further away and no way he will get back in with the chickens again.
Maybe all the chasing with the duck caused an egg to break inside of her. It can happen. Hopefully she will expel the yolk and white part, because that can cause an infection inside her body. All you can really do is keep an eye on her.

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