pooping in nesting boxes??

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  1. mklindy

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    Jan 13, 2009
    Hello, my hens are 2 months and they crowd into the nesting boxes 5-6 at a time to sleep which is fine but they are pooping in the nesting boxes. Is this just their age? will they stop when they start laying eggs? Should I keep them from the nesting boxes and only let them have access to the roosting area in the hen house? Just want to make sure I am not fostering a bad habit.

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    Don't let them sleep in the nest boxes. You can close up the nest boxes until they're closer to egg-laying age (4 months or more). Even then, don't let them sleep in the nest boxes. At that point, if they're still sleeping in the nest boxes, you can go out after dark and move them to the roosts until they figure out that they're supposed to sleep on the roosts.
  3. mklindy

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    Jan 13, 2009
    I can close off nesting boxes easily enough. Thank you
    Can I ask why they should not sleep in nesting boxes...I'm a rookie at this
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    Quote:For the reason you've already discovered. Pooping in the nest boxes after your eggs start coming will mean poop all over your eggs. [​IMG]
    Close off the nest boxes as suggested and if they still insist on it, you might have to go in each night after dark and move them to the roosts. You may have to do this for several nights, but if you are consistent about it you can break them. I've found a penlight works great for going into the coop at night. It's enough light for you to see by, but not enough for the chickens to see; so they won't get off the roosts and move back to the nest boxes.
    Good luck!
  5. Year of the Rooster

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    Yes, close them off. I made the mistake of NOT doing it until now, AFTER my hens have been laying for about 2 months. It's just a bad habit.

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