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My neighbor got 6 chickens and was neglecting them and after a few discussions she turned them over to me. Out of the 6 one was on the verge of death when we go them and she did not make it. I took 2 of the healthiest chickens over to my in laws where the rest of our chickens are. The three left at my house have runny butts. I have given them proper nutrition and water. I am not sure how to get rid of the runny white poopy butts. Besides that a neighbor who heard that I took these chickens in came over today and asked me if I would take 4 chickens that his sister has just "dropped off" at his house. It seems to me that all the chickens had come from the same place. All tail feathers plucked off and more runny butts. I need to get them healthy so I can get them over to the "big hen house". At my house I just have a mini house and they free range during the day. Anyways I am now the chicken lady of the neighborhood. But I need to have healthy chickens.. Any suggestions on how to get the runny white poopy naked butts fixed?
Keep their butts clean so they don't become blocked by poop caking up... Try plain yogurt and hard boiled eggs... It could also be worms.... WormGard us a natural de-wormer but if you don't eat the eggs u can use anything. Ummm... Also add some electrolytes to the water. Make sure they always have water and that they keep eating...

Best of luck

Oh and for the diarrhea you can try some natural remedies like, ginger tea, blackberry tea, or carrot juice

Hope this helps

My 30+# turkey has had diarrea for almost a week...I mean explosive splats...even to just clear water....so I started letting her have greek yogurt..she loves it...and giving her G2 (like gatorade) red kind and she loves that too..she still has some of the splatting poop but it has some consistensy and she is pooping normal hugh turkey bombs of poop so I know she is improving..she has always had a good appetite during this time...She had been alone in a 12'X4' portable run since July but I kept her near the chicken yard and I recently increased the size of my second chicken yard and put her in it...she is so happy to be with the hens she was raised with and she thinks she is a chicken and wants to jump up on the nestbox where they insist on sleeping but she can't due to a problem which seems like her right hip area is out of socket but before I figured out why she was limping it was too late to fix...I thought it was bumblefoot and took her to the vet and he put her on two antibiotics and I wrapped her foot with petwrap and applied sugar and betadine paste...but the foot never got better...now I know it is probably necrosis from her size and being over 4 years old...she walks around the yard but tends to not get up a lot but when she wants to she can walk sort of fast...I guess this is sort of rambling but I have put a lot of energy into helping "Freda", my turkey, and I am always researching what to do for her so I am sharing what seems to be working for her upset gut.
Would recommend you read the linked thread. It's similar to what you're going through where a flock was in bad condition but brought back to good health. The key seems to be the fermented feed that was used and quite a few of us have changed to fermented feed, myself included.


Fermented feed has a great impact on poops - makes them solid and with less odor. You'll see other improvements in your chickens, as well. Good luck!

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