Poor, beaten up turkey...


12 Years
Feb 22, 2007
Belleville, WI
I have nine turkeys (five toms, 4 hens). They are BBW, about 16 weeks old. Yesterday I noticed that one of the toms seemed to be ailing in some way. He was slow to come out of the coop, and then just sat down once he was out. I got him up to go to the food and water, and he ate and drank a little, then sat back down. I don't see any obvious injury, but I was thinking I might send him to freezer camp in the next day or two if he doesn't improve. Today I helped him out of the coop and to the food again, and when he sat down two of the other turkeys, a tom and a hen, came over and started beating up on him. The tom actually stepped up onto his back and the hen started grabbing his head and neck skin and twisting and pulling. I guess my question is this; are they beating up on him because he's hurt, or is he hurt because they've been beating up on him? I've never seen even the slightest bit of aggression amongst my turkeys.
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