Poor Bitsy

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    Yesterday I found my little silkie pullet Bitsy in a corner looking listless. She is my sweetie... I had to help her out of shell when she hatched and I nursed her to strength. She was the runt. Well since she has done quite well and is as big as her sisters. I was really upset because she didn't look good. Well my first response was to give her some gatorade and yogurt. She took them in small quantities . The I decided she needed her own space and put a waterer and some food near her. She went to the waterer and she spent about 30 seconds banging her head against the top of the waterer trying to get to the water. It dawned on me maybe she can't see well enough to get her beak in the trough so I took the top part off and then she began drinking and drinking and drinking... seriously it must have been 7-10 minutes straight. A ha! dehydration...if she had that much trouble finding the trough the nipple waterers I use might have been hopeless for her. Now all the other silkies use the nipple waterer and are fine and so did Bitsy... the only thing I can figure is that her "fur" has gotten so long and and thick she can't see well. Is this an issue with some silkies? I can see the other's eyes but hers are buried... see the pics... should I give her a trim? how do I do it??? Scissors and a wiggly chicken seem like a disaster waiting to happen.... suggestions? [​IMG]


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    I'd say time for a trim.If you can't see to eat or drink,,,,time for something.Kevin Its summertime,,,need a haircut myself!!![​IMG]
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    awww, poor bitsy. i'm glad she had a good drink. i have never done this myself, but if you find a pair of blunt tip scissors that are actually can cut thru anything more that construction paper, maybe that would work. If you get someone else to hold bitsy and secure the feathers to be trimmed between your index finger and your third finger, you might be able to do it. hopefully someone who done a feather trim will have some advice...

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