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  1. I was just thinking how sad it is that comercial chickens don't get to get out of there cage and run around much and how misrable there life might be and how they only live for about 1.5 years
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    It is sad, yes. But you can make a little difference by adopting some ex-battery hens. They get culled when they stop laying at their peak, but they will continue to lay eggs, given the chance and they make wonderful pets! We have some members here who rescue battery hens, very rewarding hobby [​IMG]
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    Unfortunately there are living things of all varieties that are never able to be what they could have been. I think the best you can do is effect change in your own life on a small scale by treating everyone'/thing around you with respect and know that positivity and knowledge have a ripple effect.
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    I know :(. The best thing we can do is put them out of business! Our major city recently allowed backyard chickens and it has been a huge success. In my area everyone has chickens and there is a farm stand on every block.

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