Poor chickens


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
North Alabama
When I let the chickens out of their coup in the morning, I open the door and they excitedly fly at me and land all around me, clucking and pecking at my clothes and shoes and checking to see if I brought treats. Sometimes they loose control and hit me like little feathered torpedoes. I usually have the window to the door of the camper I turned into the coup covered but I uncovered it to let more light in, and earlier today I went to let the girls out and they excitedly launched off of their perches at me and several flew right into the big window on the door. I felt so bad, between bouts of laughter, anyway. They're unhurt but a little confused. I thought I would share that bout of randomness.

Poor chickens is right! What a trick to play.....hee hee hee!!!
Oh I know. I am so evil to my little feather fan club.

They forgave me when I gave them some stale bread and egg shells, though.

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