Poor girl is so weak :(

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    Jun 17, 2017
    [​IMG] My 2 1/2 month old hen is in bad shape. We had two very hot days and lost a rooster 2 days ago. This hen was fine til yesterday and she has been super weak and not able to move much. She is still eating and drinking. Poops are still solid. Any help would be greatly appreciated. She is our favorite from this batch. Right now I have her in my cool bedroom with plenty of room to spread out and food and water.

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    Looks like her legs aren't working? Could be Mareks, heat exhaustion, or botulism to name a few things that come to mind from that symptom alone.

    Many things will cause them to become weak, so it's near impossible to figure it out from that. Best to find a vet to have a look at it, and potentially get an autopsy on the roosters. When one bird is sick I don't worry too much, but when multiple birds die or are sick I become a bit more concerned.
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    Dehydration would be the first thing I would consider. Place her close to water and food. Electrolytes in the water would be best. Feed mixed with a lot of water to tempt her to eat is helpful. Is she able to stand or use her legs?

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