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May 4, 2008
Altadena, CA
A neighbor down the street had their house foreclose. The ...whoever, is allowing him access to take care of his horses, but all must be off the property by the 29th. DH and I both grew up around horses and our breaking hearts bought feed today to help the guy until he can get these horses new homes. If DH didn't put his foot down I would have one in my backyard right now. It broke my heart. This guy has no where to live, has been evicted from the house on the property, and is scrapping the barrel to feed the three remaining horses. I am really glad we brought them feed today though, he told us he ran out this morning, and those horses were so excited to see bales coming into their yard.
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Good for you for getting feed for them. It is sad to see someone in that situation though, I can't imagine what it would be like if I had to part with my boy. Just a few ideas, you could put some ads up online and explain the situation, someone may see them and feel like you did. Or if worse comes to worse and a buyer can't be found then a recuse could take them. If they are in riding condition and not too old I would bet they find a new home very soon.
That was awesome of you to take them feed, and I'm glad that the owner is still attempting to feed them. I've read stories of people who are just leaving their pets to fend for themselves! I can't imagine.
Thank you Florida Chick. I will try that out.
The owner is a good guy who just got stuck in a bad situation. Two of the horses are in good condition and definitely rideable. One is a registered quarterhorse, I think he just thought there was no way things would come to this, I think it is just a time factor. The third horse is not in great condition. He is thin and needs some good TLC. That is the one I would take right now, just give him somewhere to feel comfy and get some food into him. My biggest thing is money, I know to get him healthy and fuller would be $1000 almost all up front. He is an old track horse and so sweet. I am still working on hubby. We are going to go down and offer to help them out this weekend, see if we can't help exercise the horses for him while he deals with everything else.

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