Poor Lucy!

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    My 8 month old Cuckoo marans, Lucy is still not laying. She has laid about 6 eggs her whole life....so far. They were all very strangely shaped eggs, most where soft shelled, some with what I was told...looked to have reproductive tissues on them..... One of her eggs was HUGE and it contained another small egg inside of the shell. She eats well, no worms, no mites and no eggs......:( Can a chicken be barren? I oly have 4 chickens, so I was really counting on her to be a good layer..........~Beulah
    (no eggs at all for about one month.)
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    Oh, poor Lucy!!
    Good Luck, I hope she starts laying soon!
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    Poor girl! It sounds like she has reproductive issues. Some hens are like that and some never lay, they are "barren". But you said she's only laid a few eggs, so maybe, maybe she'll come right with a bit more practice. It is getting into that time of the year with the shorter days and colder weather, when hens slow down and stop laying for awhile, so she may start up again in the Spring and lay more "normal" eggs for you. [​IMG]

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