poor puppy...


10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
Ocean State
I just saw on my news that this little kid accidently flushed the family's puppy down the toliet because he said it needed a bath. Luckily the puppy stayed near the pipes that were near the house and did not go into the main sewer system. Rescuers were able to get the puppy out and it looked okay. It was stuck in the pipes for four hours.. poor thing. Just thought this was sad but it had a happy ending so thats why I wanted to share it. I think that people need to watch their little kids when they have animals like the young puppy around so that way this doesn't happen again. its just sad.
You said it. Unfortunately it happens all the time. I'm sick of hearing sad stories: I knew someone who had a large family, in an old Victorian house (beautiful home - he let it go to rot) they had a bunch of kids (some their own, others were constant visitors) I used to hear stories of how a kid would step on a kitten once in a while which was under the laundry on the floor. I don't want to hear it anymore......Why didn't they fix their cat? Or themselves for that matter.......
I heard this particular phenomenon because a lot more popular right after Finding Nemo came out. Kids started flushing all kinds of critters down the toliet. Poor puppy, hope it makes a fully recovery.
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