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    May 31, 2017
    My works have chickens and someone left a fence panel in there with holes and it fell on our smallest one and trapped her for what I can only guess 2-3 hours, when I found her her wing and leg was outstretched. We took her to the vet who said nothing was broken but she could have nerve damaging and gave us anti inflammatory and pain relief to give to her and also advised that she was kept inside the house to keep an eye, we couldn't do this in my works so I offered to take her to mine instead. She is eating, but refusing to drink so I've been giving her water by syringe however she is panting and has been for the night/day but this morning she is panting a lot heavier. Ive been giving her a much water as possible and also have a fan on her, is she in danger? Im worried she is overheating and I dont want her to make her anymore uncomfortable.

    Also, it would seem her leg has no feeling in it whatsoever, she cant put weight on it. cant curl her toes like she does when I hold her other foot and it's stretched outright constantly. Any one have an idea on what might be happening?

    Thank you for all your help
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    Sorry to hear she is having trouble. I wonder if @centrarchid could help you? Or if not maybe he knows who can. Good Luck:fl

    and :welcome
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    Hi :frow Welcome To BYC
    Any photos?
    Did the vet perform any xrays?
    Was she just trapped or did the panel fall on her too - wandering if she may have some internal injuries (crushing injuries).

    Panting is concerning. How warm is it in your home?

    You may want to contact the vet to see if they have any further instructions. Do your best to keep her hydrated - syringing the water is a good idea. Dehydration is a real risk with her not drinking, but eating. You can give wet food- make it soupy to see if that will help get some fluids into her.

    Keep us posted.
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    Awe I hope she gets better I would call the vet again but if they can't do anything keep your home cool even if it may be uncomfortable for you good luck
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    May 24, 2017
    Btw how do you do this like how do you make it so people can comment I am new to this site so please help how do you make a title and like how do you make what I am commenting on right now please help me

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