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Sep 22, 2019
I have 6 hens my girls lol..
2 of them are like coughing /sneezing (no runny noses and eyes are perfect)
Making funny noises like sore throat sound 1 not eating much..
had chickens for years but never come across this..
they have brand new shed house very dry clean everyday,
Any advise please
Welcome to BYC. If only symptoms are sneezing, it may be something irritating them such as dust in feed or in the coop, mold, or pollen. If sneezing occurs in same chicken every few minutes, that can be a sign of infectious bronchitis virus, and it usually spreads to most of the flock over several weeks. It lasts about a month, can cause a decrease in laying, thin or wrinkled egg shells, and may be more severe on very young birds. Kidney or reproductive disorders can be side effects later.

Make sure coop ventilation is good from ene to end, limit dust or wet conditions that may lead to mold, and look for more symptoms, including bubbles in an eye, swelling of the eyelid or face, and nasal drainage.
Hello and welcome. It sounds like a respiratory issue. Before we dive into possible illnesses, can you tell us about this coop shed? Is there lots of ventilation and can you post photos? Also, what do you use for bedding?
They have straw on floor most sleep up top, automatic door dusk till dawn all way have run of garden , shelter if rain as roof on run


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They told me to bored that window up.. so I have carboard up on it.. only go in when it’s dark and out at 6:30 am everyday have 3 plastic houses wear they lay eggs and if raining

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