Poo's Effect On Trees?

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    Oct 15, 2010
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    My coop/run combo is underneath my prized Red Oak trees. I have sand in the run and rake what I can, but occasionally rain washes the poo away. I also have a small cocnrete slab where poo accumulates. I scrape it up, but again, when I rinse with a hose, some poo residue is left and it gets washed away.
    Will adding pelletized lime help with this? I don't want to make the soil more alkaline and I know Oaks like a slightly acidic soil, so I'm looking more to neutralize the alkalinity of the poo as well as keep the smells at a minimum.
  2. Vora

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    Jun 15, 2011
    Any sort of manure (yes, chicken poo is manure) is a great fertilizer. Unless you're feeding your chickens some unnatural, toxic chemicals, the chicken manure will have nothing but a positive effect on your trees!

    Edited after reading your post fully to say: I'm really not sure about acidity and alkalinity and whatnot... but I know that my lawn looks beautiful from its "chicken fertilizers."
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    my apple trees do just fine with all the poo that has collected around them from the ducks, geese and chickens
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Trees, mature trees, are one of the garden plants that don't have to have chicken poop composted first. My trees have benefited from straight chicken poop. For my vegetable garden I compost the poop first to neutralize it.
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    Apr 1, 2011
    You should always have soil tested before adding amendments like lime. My neighbor cannot understand why I get so much from my garden and he gets nothing. But he's constantly putting something in to amend the soil. I told him I never put anything in mine except compost and let the. Chickens do the weeding and fertilizing when the garden is done. Occasionally i'll soak some dried poo and then water with that. I finally convinced him to have his soil tested and his was so outta wack it's amazing if he can get weeds to grow and his never has worms in it while depending on the time of year mine is loaded.
    My chickens run is in the blueberry patch. They like acidic soil too. I usually put a couple inches of chopped leaves in as mulch and then all the chicken poo the chickens drop in there. Never had smells and get gallons and gallons of berries.

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