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    Apr 11, 2011
    It does get kind of hot in the coop and I am thinking of installing more vents. I was thinking little wooden doors that prop up to reveal hardwire screens. They will be at floor or mid level open from the outside and lock. Anyone else do this?

    Care to share pics or concerns?

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    I've seen quite a few pictures of those on coops. I've also seen people use floor registers that they can open and close easily too. I think floor level would be best. It would help keep the bedding drier.
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    Quote:I have two glass windows I will be installing, but I also wanted a smaller- odd shaped window vent. It will be covered with hardware cloth. So I have cut a 15X15 hole that will have a solid 'door' covering it, which I plan on propping open just like you have mentioned. I think it should work fine, I've seen a lot of other coops use similar venting. If you check out the Coop design section, I'm sure you will see many great examples of this. [​IMG] I would post a picture, but I'm still building and there isn't much to see of my vent/window. [​IMG]
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    Heat rises so that's why vents high up are recommended, plus it keeps the drafts off the birds in the winter. If you can, put both below and above. I have vents on all sides of my coop. No matter what the weather I can adjust the inside temps and control the drafts. It's the best thing I did, but I didn't come up with it on my own....got all my information from other great BYC'ers!! I love visuals so here are lots of pics for you. [​IMG]

    This is my run side. I have a slider door that I keep open in the hot summer months. It's right
    at roost level so they they get the full benefit.

    I have vents up high in the front that I don't close. Plus the windows in the front as well as the one on the side.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have vents running all along the upper side of the back, above the roosts. You can see them also in the first pic, they're closed.
    I made three different baffles so that I can open all or some of the vents. One opens into the service area so when
    it's super windy (as it often is) I can let air in without it blasting the birds on the roosts.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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