Poping "popcorn" in the Fridge! Pics!


Chukar Junky
9 Years
May 29, 2010
Dunnville, Ky.
First run of my $17 fridge-a-bator!

100 watt light bulb in a lamp socket! Fan from the underside of the fridge used to cool the heat exchanger. Thermostat is a $8 water heater thermostat.

NOTICE the thermostat is ATTACHED to the metal fan guard! With the back TOUCHING the metal! without this the thermostat will not work properly!!

Water pan is a $0.56 nursery flat that holds the 6 pack trays. (setting on a piece of chipboard this also keeps the light off the eggs!)

$8 Thermometer. just a plain old one.. could have used a cheaper one, but I bought the first one I came upon.

The 2 Fridge racks for hand turning chicken ( or other big eggs) and a quail turning rack made out of 1 X 1 heavy gauge welded wire attached at both ends by leaving 1 of the end wires long when you cut them off (in the center of your rack
). I made the brackets that holds the rack out of thin flashing. Just balance the rack with your eggs, then 2-3 times a day turn the rack to lean the other way! I placed mine close to the bottom of the fridge so I can leave the eggs in it when they are hatching! Just place paper towels ( for footing for the chicks and padding too ) and when they hatch in the wire rack, they fall through to the bottom to dry.

and the end result is starting to show up

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WOW. That is very impressive. I wish I had the confidence and know-how to do something like that. Our $44 Little Giant incubator is basically just a Styrofoam box and probably doesn't work nearly as well. So, you are just tipping the egg rack, rather than turning each egg by hand? How far do the little quail drop through the mesh before they hit the paper towels?

Yea, I just tip the rack for the quail. and hand turn the eggs on the fridge racks. The chicks only drop about 8 inches or so.. nothing in my opinion that would harm them since some breeds of chicks fall FEET before hitting the ground or water..
So how many eggs does this thing hold? I need to know how many eggs to talk you into buying

If you can put some extra holes in the sides, you could probably add a few more trays to it. You'd be unstoppable
Though with the prices in this area, might want to go slow at first
The one rack can hold a BUNCH if I put them side by side in every hole.. I think it's 299 holes in that rack. All I can say about the prices is that if they don't sell good, I can always eat them!! well, come to think of it, if they do sell good, I'm still eating them! I plan on getting a side by side fridge next and make one just for quail from top to bottom and putting the gqf turner motor and timer on the wire racks!
Ouch..why are you just letting them fall like that? can you get some smaller wire??

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