popping out like popcorn~~~hatch update

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  1. nok13

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    Dec 8, 2012
    so this second set, the ones from the 18 and 19 december, theyre all popping out...!!!!!!!!

    the dead eggs got left inside and i havent opened the bator at all; went to visit a friend two nights ago, saw a pip, in morning, there was a chick. last night, went out, came back, and nothing. nada. this morning there were four more chicks. all viable, all with eyes and legs and heads normal... so will keep waiting a few more days, but i have to take out the chicks i guess tomorrow. the chick from yesterday i have to take out today no? not sure i know which chick it is actually. will wait some more to see. hopefully , this winter storm that is supposed to happen will hold off and we wont have electric outages, cause its cold in the house at the moment... radiators dont do well in cold cold and our air/heat units stop working also when the temperatures go to around 2 or 3 centigrade (not even freezing but the units freeze)...

    just an update
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    Aug 23, 2012
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    YAY COOL!!! Congrats!!

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