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    Im trying to make a portable brooder something like 28in by 6 or 8 feet maybe double with dropping catcher on the half with wire on wheels that can be used for other birds as well and to be used as a mobile chicken tractor to bring to other areas to allow hens to range where they cant be let out and be moved
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    You're asking for a lot of use out of a single piece of equipment. Not saying it can't be done, but it might not work as nice as you hope for.
    I built 2 brooders 3' x 6' like these https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/amferro103s-homemade-chicken-brooder but I made a few modifications. I made 2 doors instead of one long one. Once the chicks start trying to fly, they want to jump out. I added a couple of 2x2's in the roof to hang a waterer or light from. And I installed some 4" swivel casters so I could move them around easily.

    Keep in mind that the brooder is to keep young chicks in place and the tractor is for older, larger birds.

    Plus, chickens don't do well walking on wire. Not for very long anyway.

    Good luck with it. if you come up with something, I'd like to see it. I'd like to add some quail this summer.
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    I'm working on something similar. A tractor that can be a brooder or a grow out pen or a quarantine pen for new birds.
    I started with a shipping crate - added legs to raise it up 24" - added a frame to make a small run. Since the last pictures it's been painted inside and out, had vinyl flooring added to the floor of the box, had a lock-able pet door added to give access to the run when needed, more ventilation added around the top of the box. Still needing to add wheels on the end with the 'coop' and a handle to the end of the run so that it can be moved like a wheel barrow. And, of course, wire it up all around.


    edited to add pict:

    Here it is with the wheels on & painted. Still need to add the metal on the roof, a door into the run (for me) and - of course- the wire to the sides and bottom. I think it's going to work well as a brooder box. And when they get more feathered, they can go into the run area. It's portable so I can move it over next to the permanent coop when they're older so the flock can get a bit used to seeing them around.
    Also, since it has 'coop & run' it will work as a isolation pen for a couple of new adult birds. (I hope)
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