Portable brooder


11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
I thought you might want to see what I found to brood my chicks in. I ordered a bunch of chicks from a hatchery and was trying to think of a way to brood them. I used to us cardboard boxes all taped together before and they were a pain so I wanted something that I could use over and over. As I am a chick-a -holic. I was at my local fruit and veggie place and lo and behold they had water melons in these big heavy cardboard bins. I remember seeing the winter squash in them there too. So I asked if they had any left over. They said they usually keep them but would check to see and they did have one they weren't using......
They are about 2 1/2 ft tall and can be cut to make smaller and bigger. I opened one side to make it fit better in the spot in the chicken house. I have used it over and over. I have a wire over one corner to support the sheet to cover the corner to keep it warmer. I have only 11 chicks in it now and they are doing acrobatics in there. They love to run and jump So cute to watch.


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