portable fencing for moveable run?

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    Jul 26, 2011
    Somers NY
    Morning! My chickens are in a permanent run and as expected have destroyed any thing growing on their side of the fence. It seems like the best way to get them on some green is to move them from pasture to pasture. I'd need to do this on a small scale (20x20). I am wondering if anyone has used temporary fencing to do this. I'd only use it during the daytime hours because it doesn't seem like it'd be predator proof unless it is electrified which I don't want to do because of my children. My coop can't be moved like a tractor so that's out, and if I extend the current run it would just get ruined again anyway and I'd be back to square one.
    Any ideas? If anyone has pictures of their set up that'd be great. I also need to keep the area looking nice because it is right in the field which is visible from the main living quarters of the house and right near our most used outdoor space.

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