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    Aug 19, 2009
    so im planning ahead now for building a few portable runs for next spring/summer to let my chickens out to peck bugs in the grass, as their permanant runs are getting bare (was only a matter of time), there are a few styles i have seen that would work. i really like the ark style runs, they look like they could be made rather lightweight.

    if you have flying predators such as eagles and hawks, will they attempt to go through heavy netting if very visible from the air? probably be better off to go for stucco wire or similar? i dont want to use chicken wire, as its not very visible from the air (and is flimsy, a bad combo), though my grandparents live next to us and their run is chicken wired (covered with a tin roof) nothing has tried/gotten in through it in the few years it has been up.

    would love to be able to make them fairly inexpensive (as i want about 4 of them) which i dont think will be a problem. they only need to have 2-6 bantams in each so i was thinking of making them each 4X8 or so?

    photos of your tractor/portable pens would be awsome!
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    Feb 14, 2009
    I built my own version of a portable range pen I saw in a catalog (couldn't find a link, sorry). Frame made with 10' (3/4" diam.) PVC - very affordable and pretty lightweight too.

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