possible botulism

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    typing w/ one hand, chick in the other so excuse any poor grammar and/or shorthand. Have a young necked neck showing signs of possible botulism. Recently lost another possibly w/ same. we are getting a lot of rain and their bedding and feed has been wet when we get back home to see about them. pretty certain it is not meriks not the same symptoms combined with wet feed issue. anyway i need a quick answer on how to treat this with castor oil, method and amount. it is all i have on hand other than a small amount of cider vinegar. any other options to help this little guy.

    I have also had problems w/ this breed having crop issues her crop seems to have a bubble in it but she is staggering like a drunk but eating seemingly well. she was laying down to eat. anyway need quick options, i also do not have pedialite on hand but do have poweraid can i dilute this in any way to give to her?

    The more I am reading it is possible it could be heat related. We have had 2 days of 100+ degree temps during the day. It seems to be doing a bit better after eating some of the egg and added 1/4 tsp of cider to her water. Hoping I can get her through the night so we can make it to replenish our emergency supplies.
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