Possible broken leg from Hawk attack?

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    Jan 1, 2015
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    Our year and half old Cuckoo Marans "Piglet" who is a new mother to 7, 1 month old chicks she hatched out may have a broken leg. Came home this afternoon and found her hobbling on one leg. We were not able to look her over until this evening when time to go in for the night ( we free range our 30 chickens in our large fenced yard ). While she was being held, I could see some dried blood on lower leg. While moving it around, it felt completely severed from upper leg (one below thigh) and only hanging my muscles. Too many feathers to get a good look further up and I did not want to hurt her by feeling around too much. She seemed to have no feeling in her foot as she did not fuss when I handled it. We have numerous hawks here, we've had to frighten them off many times. We suspect a hawk may have broken her leg while defending her chicks. We do not have the means to take her to a vet even though she is a wonderful pet to our family. Putting her down may be our only option, not looking forward to this. Looking for any ideas or tips you have to offer, this is our first serious injury since we started our flock last year.

    Dan & Vicki
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    From what you describe, it sounds like a very serious injury and will need immediate treatment - a vet would be best, but since you said it's not an option, this thread may help: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/659231/how-to-treat-a-broken-leg. Good luck with your hen!

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