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Aug 5, 2020
Yesterday, I went out to check the girls and noticed that one seemed to be limping. When I picked her up to examine her, I noticed that one of her toes was bent backwards. She acts perfectly fine, though she is definitely hesitant to walk or run (unless I'm trying to pick her up), and has a pronounced limp that comes and goes. After exhaustive research, I've come to the conclusion that it's most likely a broken toe, but before I splint it, I wanted to get the opinions of people here. I'm also somewhat worried about the scab on the affected toe:

IMG_20210218_113203.jpg IMG_20210218_113127.jpg
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Feb 12, 2015
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If the toe is bent backwards then I would try to splint it. Even if it doesn't heal perfectly, it should be better so it doesn't make walking too difficult once it's healed. A shoe type splint usually works better, it can be hard to splint just one toe and keep it on. Make sure it's not too tight and check for swelling regularly. If the skin is broken, then I would make sure it's well padded there with a telfa pad, and if it's broken at the break (compound fracture) then an antibiotic might be a good idea. Splinting manual attached below, starting on page 23 it shows how to do a shoe type splint. For a bird the size of a chicken using a plastic food container lid (yogurt, sour cream, etc) and cut to size and shape works well.


  • Duerr_Splinting_Manual_2010.pdf
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