Possible broody hen?


9 Years
May 13, 2010
I have a 6 month old OEG hen who has been laying for about 3 weeks. Yesterday when she went in to lay, as far as I know she hasn't come out. She is still sitting this morning. Is she too young to be doing this? Try to get in to move her and she puffs her tail feathers out at me and makes noises. What should I do?
My Leghorn went broody at five months, three or four weeks after she started laying.I broke her out of it, she layed for about two weeks, and was right back at it. So I gave in and bought some hatching eggs for her. You should give her eggs, too - you know you wantsome of these:
Thanks for the info!! My other question is, if she's been laying every day and we've been collecting them daily EXCEPT yesterdays egg will she continue to lay her own eggs AND be broody?
No, you will not get any eggs from her while she is broody. It is also hard on them to be broody for a long time, so you should either nip it in the bud or give her eggs.
Usually they've stolen the eggs, or another has laid in her nest, often while she was in there.

If you give her fertile eggs to hatch, either separate her first or mark the eggs with a sharpie and remove additionals. You want them all to hatch the same day or so as she will probably abandon the rest when a few chicks have hatched.

OEGB is a very broody breed.
LOL!! So another question. I figured she was laying and when I found her nest there were 4 eggs in our barn, so we moved them into our new and finally built coop to get her to lay in the nesting box and we haven't taken them out. They are marked with an "x" and when I have collect her eggs we have left those in and they have been warm. They don't smell and wondering if they could still hatch?
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they do. It will be interesting to see whose babies they are, won't it?

I have heard of broodies who also lay but it has to be very rare.
My husband wanted me to go and see how many she laying on and I FIRMLY told him no because of her behavior when I was looking for other eggs in a different box. He picked her up a little and there were 5. One that she layed yesterday and the original 4 that could be questionable. Can't wait to see what happens!!!

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