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Apr 20, 2009
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Hi everyone, I have an 8 month old Salmon Faverolles pullet. She has been acting a little broody over the past week or so. I originally thought she was eggbound but I know she has laid a few eggs this week. Anyway this past 3 or 4 days she has been in the nest boxes a long time. She looked all spread out in there like she was really trying to cover the eggs. So yesterday I got a space ready for her and saw her in the nest box. She was in there almost 2 hours so I grabbed her and moved her to the new place. It's a 4 foot by 4 foot coop on my front porch I use as an outdoor brooder. I took the eggs she had under her (3) and two fake eggs and put them with her. She has been in there since yesterday and does not show interest in setting now. So my questions are: How long should I leave her in there? Should I give her her best friend to keep her company? Will she try to lay a clutch and then sit on them? I don't want to upset her more than is necesary by leaving her alone if I don't have to or by moving her back to the coop just when she gets comfy in her new place. Any help is appreciated.


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The best way to tell if a hen is broody is to see where she is at night. If she is on the nest, she is almost certainly broody. If she is not on the nest she is absolutely not broody. This assumes she normally sleeps on a roost and not in the nest.

I would not isolate her until she has stayed in the nest at least one night, preferably two. And if she is broody and you decide to isolate her, I would wait at least two days before giving her eggs to assure she has made the move and stayed broody. Use fake eggs for those two days.

Good Luck!!

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