possible cause of chick deaths?


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Apr 22, 2010
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I raise Serama bantams and I had 4 babies hatch for a friend who wants them. Within 48 hours, all chicks were dead and the only sign was a bit of blood around the nostrils. But when I picked one up, I saw a few mites crawling. I fight them all the time and I thought that problem was under control. I even looked for mite occasionally in her nest. So it wasn't like an infestation but just a few.

After thinking it over, I have a feeling those mites were going inside the nostrils to feed, leaving a bit of blood at the opening. Can this happen? Anybody ever heard of mites killing chicks this way, causing anemia? The chicks were fine until yesterday I noticed one was feeling bad. Then this morning all dead. We are heartbroken (including the mama hen).

Thank you for any input on this.

I guess nobody has any thoughts on this?
Sorry you didn't get any replies. I seriously doubt the mites could have killed the babies unless it was a SERIOUS infestation. Hopefully somebody will be able to help soon.
I think it was a serious infestation but it had to be mostly internal., The blood on the nostril was the only outward sign. Mites will go anywhere to eat. Even crawl into an egg that is hatching and kill the babies inside. I'm sure you probably know this. I just thought maybe someone had maybe had this happen before. Anyway, 4 more chicks have hatched since then and they are healthy and growing. Good news is there are 3 out of 4 little pullets!!!!

I appreciate your reply.
pslane in the state below you

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