Possible colour of chicks..??

Feb 23, 2018
I dont know if its right place to post this.
So i have one black hen and a buff(i dont know if its a buff but it looks orange) they breed, had fertile eggs,the hen git broody and is now incubating her own eggs. My question is what posibly be the colour of chicks..i know its all a gess game..but i read somewhere thatblack colour is dominant so does that says that most of her chicks will me black or any other colours with black colour in dominance...??
I have 10 healthy growing eggs all piped.
So as a guess game how many u think will have black chicks..?

All advice and guess are appreciated
Sorry for the camera quality but this are the chickens...she is broody and came out for eating


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He looks black patterned gold columbian to me--which is basically duckwing with columbian markings. Not buff. Pretty bird, though.

I think your chicks will be black, mind you.
Also, I think so.
The rooster carries the gene E ^ b / E ^ b while the hen carries the gene E / E
The children will be all E / E ^ b and will show the dominant color black.

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