Possible deformed chick?

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5 Years
Jan 11, 2015
Hi all, I have had 8 baby chicks hatch.

7 of them appear to be normal overall, but 1 chick appears to have issues with its legs. When resting, the chick's legs can fold under the body like the other chicks. However, when the chick stands and tries to walk, its legs stay outstretched constantly, almost like it can't bend its legs. It has to shift weight from one foot to the other to move. It loses balance quite easily and does not like to walk much due to the difficulty. It is heartbreaking to see it struggle when the other chicks are okay. Also, this chick does appear to be the smallest and weakest of the bunch. Lastly, when looking from above when the chicks are sleeping, it appears that this chick's legs appear to be further out from the body than the other chicks.

Has anyone seen this happen before? I imagine it might be birth defect? Genetic? Hip issues? I don't really know. I've never hatched chicks before, so I don't know what the odds are of this occurring.

I would greatly appreciate any help or ideas.

Thank you!
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