Possible egg bound, but maybe not. Suebee and Lusty are you out there.


10 Years
Sep 26, 2009
I came to this forum because I googled eggbound because I was worried about my pet turkey who had abruptly stopped laying eggs and had runny poop. I read a thread which had a lot to do with this, and Suebee and Lusty talked a lot about some birds of theirs they they unfortunely lost to similuar symptoms to what she has.
CheapCheap is a broad breasted turkey who is over a year old. I know that they are not designed to live long but she is a pet and I couldn't ever slaughter her. For the longest time she laid eggs like crazy, even during the winter, and I did not keep her under artifical lights. She did have heating because it freezes here. Well about 4 weeks ago she stopped laying. Then a few days later she started having runny poop and lost her appatite. Now she will only eat some greens and maybe a few turkey pellets. She used to love almonds but now won't eat them. She is losing weight because she is not eating enough to sustain her. Her crop is swollen, but I can not feel a egg in her rear. She drinks plenty, She molted reacently but now is growing back feathers like crazy. I have been reguarly spraying her with mite spray since an earlier problem with her losing feathers to pecking at mites. I have been trapping rats in her cage everyday. Could she have caught something from them? Her cage is about 12 feet by 12 feet with a hen house and platforms for her to get up on.
I'm not sure what is wrong with her. She is very sweet and still likes to come out and go for walks, but not as far as she used to. If any one has some ideas what is wrong with her I would like to hear. I am very sad at the idea that I may lose her.
If her crop is swollen it could be impacted. Do a search for that on here and see if she has those symptoms. Hope you find out soon.

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