Possible egg eater. Help!


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Feb 27, 2017
Abilene, Tx
I have a hen that went broody in March. She hatched and took care of her babies and has been back to laying for a couple weeks. My problem is that I've been getting less eggs than normal, and I've had eggs go missing from the nesting box. I just saw my broody run out of the coop with an egg shell in her beak. There was still a yolk and white in the nest box when I checked but the entire egg shell was gone. They have oyster shell for calcium supplement so I don't know what could've caused this to start.
Same problem here. I did both, oyster shells for calcium and fake eggs. I also threw in some new toys to make sure they had something to keep them busy and entertained. I did this all immediately when I realized it was a hen and not an accidental break and it seems like I get about as many eggs as I have hens so it must have worked. But, if you have a broody those fake eggs are so tempting for them I have found. My broody gets excited and starts trying to hatch them. Silly hens. =)

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