Possible Eggs Colors?


Jun 3, 2020
As always thank you in advance for all your knowledge. I bought Bielefelder pullets from a friend and somehow I wound up with one cream legbar (she raises those too and must have had a mix up) I like the pullet a lot and am happy to have her. Here is my question, I have a selection of roosters to put her with, from my understanding if I breed her to my French Copper Maran roo will that be an Olive Egger? Second question, if I put her in with my Bielefelder will their offspring retain the auto sexing quality?
Thanks for letting me pick your brain!


Mar 30, 2020
As long as she has 2 blue egg genes like most cream legbars, she should make olive eggers if bred with the BCM. Shade can vary widely and you won't know for a while but it's worth a shot.

We are planning to do this mix but with marans and cream legbar hens covered by a cream legbar roo. The one olive egger with similar genes we have now has a funny small crest and great temperament.

As for auto sexing with bielefelder x cream legbar chicks, I'm not an expert. Just from a quick search, I'd guess the chicks would be likely to retain some sexable features but you might have to go by observation/trial and error at first. The autosexing on some lines can already be hit or miss. Might be a lot of variables but it would make an interesting project.

Glad you like the cream legbar. They are our favorites.

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