Possible fowl pox?


Aug 2, 2021

I've noticed my hen's comb has partially fallen over and I'm wondering if it's down to potential dehydration or fowl pox. I've noticed she has a few round marks on the tips but nowhere else.

She's currently weaning her 5 weeks off her and is particularly angsty and aggressive currently.
Make sure that she is drinking enough water especially if it is hot. Some use electrolytes in the water during hot days, but always have plain clean water available as well, in case they don’t like the taste. The marks may or may not be early signs of fowl pox. Time will tell. Pox is much more severe on chicks than grown chickens. This link has pictures and info on fowl pox:
Looks like dirt.

If you are "weaning" her - I assume you mean she was broody? So likely not in lay and possibly will go through a light molt. Not in lay often means a bit of a floppy comb.

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