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    Jul 5, 2011
    I am a new owner of three month old bard rocks and Rhode Island reds. They live in an enclosed area of about l5x30 feet with coop we use at night. That's the question. Of late, they take to the lilac bush to roost rather than their pen. I am wondering if they are safe there from say owls or hawks? It's not hard to lift them out of the tree and put them into the pen but is it necessary. The pen and enclosure is close to the back of the house. thanks from Grandmaruth and grandpajay.
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    If they are roosting at night, they are probably safe from hawks, but not night time predators. Keep locking them up in the coop at night to be sure they are safe.

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    Hi and [​IMG], it might be cooler in the lilac bush than the coop, but not safer. There are way too many night time critters that want chicken for dinner. Good luck!
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    They're someone's dinner just waiting to be picked up. Chickens are at a loss to protect themselves in the dark. I would definitely lock them up at night. They'll get used to it and will eventually become their routine.
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    Maybe you can cover the bush with a fruit tree net to deny them access to it and they will go back the the safety of the coop
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    Feb 22, 2010
    Welcome![​IMG]!! Definitely put them up at night. It doesn't matter how close they are to your house. There are too many predators that go bump in the night and would love to bump your chickies! If it's hot in their coop, maybe you could install a small fan to circulate the air.
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    Quote:This is what I was going to suggest as well, cover the tree. Also, make sure there is enough light (windows) inside their coop when they go in to roost. Some birds will not go into a dark building. Best of luck.

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