Possible Heart Disease?

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  1. lizzie44

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    Mar 22, 2008
    Hi, I wonder if anyone has any idea of what is wrong with my hen. She is at least 4 years old and a Black Rock who has been laying well up until a week ago (an egg every other day) She developed a purplish comb and has been breathing very heavily. She is just about managing to come out of the stable and pick at some grass but spends most of her time sitting down in the warm.

    I picked her up yesterday to check her over and she has lost loads of weight.

    My old books suggest heart disease...but I dont know for sure. She has been regularly wormed and de loused. All my hens are totally free range over an acre paddock.

    Should i call it a day with her or wait and see if she perks up when the weather improves. (it is bitterly cold)

    Any advice most gratefully received good or bad. I wont let her suffer.
    Thanks, Lizzie
  2. silkiechicken

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    It is very well possible she has heart disease, or an internal blockage, liver failure, or a number of things that would cause her to have a hard time breathing. Best of luck with what ever you decide to do with her. I too would not like to see my animal suffer.

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