Possible impacted crop, need help

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    Nov 22, 2008

    I am very sensitive to my hens not feeling well and I always go to the crop and the butt because we have had a big crop impaction in the past and a tumor in the abdomen.

    Titleist is a 3 year old production red.
    This morning she was still on the roost, very unusual so I knew she didn't feel good. Felt her abdomen and it was ok. Felt her crop and it felt hard and fuller than it should be for the morning. Compared her crop with her sisters. I massaged her crop and it seemed to break up and I could feel seeds and stuff. I'm worried she may have a little hay ball in there. Out of all the chickens she is the one I pull hay out of her mouth and she has about 9 inches down her.

    So called the vet and she said I could give her up to 2cc's of olive oil and massage her crop throughout the day. I gave her 1.5 ml from her syringe. So far I am massaging it in place and also downward. How often do I massage it and for how long? Any tips are appreciated.

    She is usually spunky and she is just standing there and closes her eyes while she is standing up.

    Velvet had a crop that had a hay ball twice the size of my fist and had to have surgery.

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    I hope titleist is ok.

    As far as massaging, i don't think there's any rule as to how often and how long.

    If you notice that the massaging has helped, like you mentioned, i would come back in a couple of hours and check the progress of whether she's moving on her own or not. If there is a hay ball in there, i think you will be able to feel it.

    I think the how often and how long is a play-it-by-ear kind of thing.

    How was she doing this evening?
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    Nov 22, 2008
    She was up on the roost last night. This morning she was still not feeling well. Crop was still full, you can feel that it is feed. I don't feel hay. Massaged her pretty good this morning and she definitely likes it and it seems to break things up. She won't eat. I had made her a yogurt mash and some olive oil on bread but no go. I gave her another 2cc's of oil which doesn't seem like alot but I guess since she is little the vet is probably right. I mixed up some yogurt, water, tetracycline and apple cider vinegar and gave her 2 syringes full. She liked that. After the first little bits she opened her mouth for it. While this was going on we noticed she had something in her vent. It was an egg sac. My husband pulled it out. I don't know if it was ready to come out and I broke it in her handling her or if this is something else. She did lay a soft shell egg the other day with a hint of blood.

    She is in the cat carrier now with water/acv/tetra but no food. I will give her more yogurt later.

    Of course my vet is on vacation until Monday. I have read about Nystatin and Diflucan, have you heard anything about it?


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