Possible Infectious Coryza in OE hen.

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    I have a hen that I suspect has infectious coryza. I have searched online for weeks and found one site that actually explained it all. I assumed she had a tumor in her eye. I have a total of 15 hens and NONE of the other hens does not have any symptoms or are sick. I first noticed it in the hen about 2 months ago. I had her on antibiotics and she did seem to get better. I dont think I had her on them long enough and she seemed to decline again. I started all of them on Terramycin today and will leave them on it until the hen is fine. All the symptoms she has includes sneezing, bubbles in the eye discharge in the beginning - clogging of nostrils and sinuses with a sticky, putrid smelling exudate cheesy core in eye. She is eating and drinking normally although she does seem depressed. Why would she have it and none of the others have any signs and seem healthy? I hope she can overcome this.
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    I would contact Dr. Peter Brown, an online chicken dr at FeatherFanciers.com or Firststatevetsupply.com He can tell you what you need to know and how to treat it.

    Best of Luck!
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    Quote:Thanks alot! I will definatly do that!
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    Peter helped us through a bad episode of ILT, which has similar symptoms. There are a lot of diseases and poultry ailments which are look-alike. I doubt if it's coryza if only one bird has it , sounds like it might be more of a sinus or staph infection, but the chicken doctor is a good place to go. Let us know what you find out. Peter is sometimes hard to reach, especially on weekends. If you can't reach him immediately, I would put all of them on the strongest dose of terramycin (4 tsp per gallon) til you can get a more positive diagnosis.
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    Quote:Thanks! I posted and hopes he can get back to me soon. All the sypmptoms tell me IC but I was totally confused why my other chickens are fine. What got me was the cheesy core growing out of her eye and the bubbley discharge. And I opened her mouth and she looks to have yellow patches in there on the roof of her mouth. I highly doubt its fowl pox. But I do beleive it is some sort of virus or infection. I thought she just had an eye tumor. But I could not find anything online about it. WIth the smelly discharge I know its some sort of infection. Thanks for the info. This is my first post and I feel like I will get all the info I need with my chickens!
    Thanks again!

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